Do I need to write code ?

Yes , you need to write code irrespective of what you do or what you are doing, writing code is not only meant for scientist , developer , and engineers but meant for all … How ?

Back to the history of writing programs to solve computational problem , then writing code was structured majorly  for the  genius human with high intelligent capacity.

Imagine this …..


Look cumbersome ? Yes , it is deep complex , but meant for  special humans with special attributes.

but now things have become more easier with the world of object oriented programming i.e  the code ( programs or logic ) will be model based on real world objects with properties , states, and behavior.



                                                    Look simple ? Yes , it is pretty simple  .

Writing codes are always meant to solve problem ( be it simple or complex ) and not for fun . It’s meant for all discipline of different professions with different or similar problem and challenges .

Imagine you are a programmer or a software developer to code or program the flow in a pipe, you will or may find it easy to solve provided you have a basic or advance chemical engineering , mechanical or science  background  than a developer without a basic knowledge of science, and also assuming a program is meant to solve the building and falling of a tower bridge or market analysis program ( all programmers in different field find the problem easier to solve than others ) which thus saves time and bring about great perfection to each solutions. Writing codes  turns your imagination into reality, change your life from meaningless to meaningful , and once you are able to identify and have a properly understanding of the problem ,  then choose the easiest tool ( programming language ) to solve that problem .

In summary : Programming is meant for all  ………..

Are you ready to start learning how to code ? Start now


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