Java Text Corrector function

Text Corrector is not an app, but a 34 lines java code with fast run time for converting and rewriting user’s text on your web or mobile app to error free text.

How ?

Suppose you own a website where user post or write text , text corrector helps save your user time by

1. Providing a good sentence structure for your user to communicate with each other

2. Your user need not to worry whether correct upper case or lower case is inserted with the appropiate grammatical syntax.

Example 1.

Suppose a user post or write this on your web app

all sentences are about someTHING or somEone. the something or someone that the sentence is abOut is called the subject of the sentence Although In the following sentences the subjecTs are shown in red. note how the subject is often, But not always, the first thIng in the sentence.

The example above  contains many grammar error , with java text corrector function all text are written perfetly.

How ?

Text Corrector capitalize the first letter of their text and then rewrite all the left text in lower case using  capFIL,text Corrector looks out for grammatical syntax like ( , . ! ? : ”  ‘  ; ) in you user text and then rewrite it.

Where can I use Text Corrector in my app ?

You can use Text Corrector function in small or large input text field where user post , write or comments

Consider the  images below

Image title

Text Corrector currently correct the user text input,  based on four grammatical syntax

1. Full stop ( . )

2 Comma ( , )

3 Question mark ( ? )

4. Exclamation  ( ! )

NOTE :Text corrector function is different from spelling corrector function

Using text corrector function is shown in the images below
Image title

Check Text Corrector source code here.


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