How can I know my Software $tittle ?

How can I know my Software $tittle ?

Looking out there are many new growing coders
naming themselves big and complex names like full stack , data
engineer , AI engineer or anything you can ever think of .

Sometimes looks funny , ask the  so called full stack
developer to code a simple web text editor , or
anything simple … Their next step is

Google : How to build web text editor ?

Seems impossible , yes I have seen many and many
people who can’t build a single web text editor
that only allow users to write, save and
continue later


Imagine the guy who named himself Data Scientist

Data Engineer, quickly  ask him or give him the simple
coding example , ( Yes I mean example , not even a
real life problem ), believe me Googling the internet is their only solution , but believe me you will see
them bragging, and even claiming the best in their environment..

Consider this image below …. ( I am not condemning anybody , but I m rather advising the growing developer to stop bragging as I see the software world to be like an ocean )  🙂


If truly you want to know where you fall into , check

                  Programmer Competency Matrix


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