Understanding Git Command with Cooking example Part 1

Suppose you want to cook

RLE = Real Life Example  :  GLE = Git Life Example

RLE 1 : Suppose you want to cook ,you probably have to go to market or stores , buy all you need and take them home by all means.

GLE 1 :  The process of getting all you need to prepare your meal is similar to  having git running on your machine i.e installing git on your system by all means

Now you want to start cooking

RLE 2 : You may want to start with grinding the pepper or anything

GLE 2 : The process you start thinking of what to start with, is git init command ,


RLE 3 : You already have pepperYX been dashed out ,lend or borrowed out to you from a friend ( not sure if it’s well grinned or contain necessary aroma ).You first need to collect it from friend and keep it to your fridge or anywhere and then add your cooking flavor to it ( re-Grinding, adding flavor ).

GLE 3:  Getting the pepperXY ,that is git -clone pepperXY/FromFriend to my Fridge, where fridge is your current cd i.e where you want to keep it

RLE 4: While you already have that pepper and you may probably want to check the pepper status if with or not without dust, sour or anything.

GLE 4 : That is git status . This will tell you the pepper is sour, with dust or anything

RLE 5: While your pot with oil is on your cooking device , and you want to start cooking, then you need to add your pepper to the pot with oil ( on cooking device ) , but if you refuse your cooking machine will stop working , and your pepper remains like that i.e nothing happen to it ( Can’t be consumed by you or friends )

GLE 5 : The process you start adding  40% of the pepper to the pot with oil  on your cooking device , that is git add 40%Oil or git add All Pepper,

RLE 6: Now you can start adding flavors, meat , salt an any other things that will make it  good to eat for you , friends and families

GLE 6* : That is editing your code

*****    Taking Maggi as flavour  *******

RLE 7 : While you first add maggi ,and you cover the pot ( under cooking machine ) to mix up with the maggi under a given time .

GLE 7 : That is git commit -m’I have added maggi and have also covered it’

RLE 8 : And probably the cooking machine is two or three phase ( meaning , you can cooking two or three different things at the same time , now you want to start boiling water for your rice

GLE 8 : That is git add Water

RLE 9: And later you add rice to the water , but in the same kitchen you are cooking , you have your sister there with you who is looking at you or who also want to contribute to what you are doing , and you want to tell her I have add rice to this water on phase 2 , please leave it for 5 minute to steam

GLE 9 : That is git commit -‘Rice added , leave for 5 minute’

RLE 10 : Then , you probably went to take some water or receive call, while your sister add maggi to the phase 1 ( Pepper ) , you want to be sure if nothing has happen to what you have been doing or want to see what your sister has done in the kitchen.

GLE 10: That is git status this will tell you your sister has added maggi to what is on phase 1 or your sister has added something to phase 1 or phase 2, you can check that by using Git diff ( which will indicate to you that your sister has added new stuff to phase 1 at so and so side and this is what she added

RLE 11 : Or if assumed that you didn’t indicate ,i.e make a commit , that I have added maggi to what is on phase 1 or added rice to what is on phase 2 and you went to pick your call while your sister added new flavor to phase 1 and beans to phase 2

GLE 11 : Come back and use git diff , this will tell you your sister has added this this to this at the position before this and that

RLE 12 : If you are on a long call and you want to know if your sister is using the third phase or want to see what she is doing in the kitchen

GLE 12 : Then use git status .This will tell you you sister is using the third phase or washing the plate.


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