Java Beans Part II

Java Beans Part II

JB is a client side architecture, which keep java platform independence  with  reusable software component that can be visually manipulated in a software build tool ,which are connect using properties and method


How ?

When creating java app , you use component model to combine the components

You use an API  that define the specifications and requirement for java beans architecture

Use bean pattern for flexibility  and reusability, which enables you to capture event sent by different objects


So, what is java bean  class  and what are the components ?

Java Bean is a class or group of classes that follow a specific naming convention of the JavaBeans API. Which give introspection for bean analysis and usage .

JB can be classed based on their functionality , which are

1.Visual Component ( Button , GUI ,DB,  )

The component of JB includes

  1. Properties
  2. Methods
  3. Events

JB Technology.

  1. Event and Event Handling
  2. Properties
  3. Introspection
  4. Customization
  5. Persistence
  6. Distribution

Firstly , in order to use java beans , you need a builder tool that allow you to work with them in a convenient way. However JB can be found during Construction ,Build or Execution phase. See you till JB Part II.





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