Path to Software career.

Path to Software career

The below listed steps are based on my own exposure ,  there may be mistakes ( please let me know ).

  1. Start simple, get a mentor ( if you can’t (  go the next point ) , else ( skip the rest)
  2. Start with XHTML and  css ( Three weeks or a month )
  3. Talk less , act more ( Make sure you produce anything from what you have learnt every week )
  4. Have a blog and write any basic , simple and nice articles on what you have learnt or built , twice or once in a month)
  5. Talk less , act more ( Be curious about on how stuff work,  don’t blind type )
  6. Build simple stuff within a week
  7. Don’t start complex XHTML or Css project
  8. Set a goal not many goal ( I want to become a  front end developer  within three months , Four Months… )
  9. Works towards the goal
  10. Google the internet wisely ( Know and mastered new tools one by one )
  11. After you are done with the basic ( XHTML and CSS )
  12. Move to any programming language ( Most especially python, java , javascript , and may be php don’t move to sql or any database resources)
  13. Understand the basic of any language ( Only pick one at a start )
  14. Learn how to work , build , test, clean and  package through the command line ( Use little  IDE for your daily affairs )
  15. Learn the core concept of your language
  16. Practice many problems outside your current resources
  17. Learn the basic of Data Structures and Algorithm [ DSA ] ( This can take you one month to grasp the basic )
  18. Don’t think you will know all DSA
  19. Make sure you know REGEX very well ( Build anything with ReGex )
  20. Move to Enterprise Part of your language
  21. Don’t learn framework or any database resources yet
  22. Be calm , you will get there very soon
  23. Master the basic for 3 – 4 weeks
  24. Move to any framework and learn database along with it.
  25. Build simple stuff with both
  26. Push it out for friends to comment
  27. Learn from their comments
  28. Work on it again ,and if it’s well done ( add new innovation to it ) or try building something else ( Two or Three weeks )
  29. Turn yourself to job hunter ( Not start up hunter )
  30. Don’t think you want to build your company ( Get a job first )
  31. Don’t start stuff like Artificial Intelligence , Machine Learning , and Software Design or Arch pattern
  32. Apply for many job as you can do ( If you were not able to get job , then try working on a project : Office Management , School Management ,  Chat Application with extremely simple new and nice innovation , push it to codecayon or any similar web to sell it )
  33. Lastly , if you cant find any job , then start working as a freelancer or build a start up
  34. Don’t work or learn alone , make sure you work with a team , and make sure you have a mentor

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