Understanding Java Beans Part I

Understanding Java Beans . Part I

Many or few java web developer think Java Beans is just a way of accessing a class properties through the assessors and mutators  i.e setter and getter method .


class Account


Private static String accName;

public  static String getAccName( )


return accName;


public static String setAccountName ( String newName )


accName = newName;



. The accName properties is been exposed through read and write ( setter and getter method ) .Accessing the class properties is just one of the basic usage of JB , there are many great things ascribing to JB .


JavaBeans provides a set of patterns that allow other Java classes to dynamically discover events and other metadata in addition to properties. If your main target or focus is to develop a custom component  (A new component should customize (or extend) one or more of the general component responsibilities )  , then a deep knowledge of JB is needed to make life easier , but if you are only working with UI and Application logic , then accessors and mutators knowledge is sufficient .


An operating system is a component, an application is a component, EJBs are components,

a library is a component, and so is the kitchen sink.

Java Bean Part II ….


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