Why Framework and MVC ?

Why Framework and MVC in Web or Mobile App development

Framework are tools that help simplifies simple and complex task without hard coding .

In software MVC ( Model View Controller ) really matters a lot and without good knowledge on MVC may leads to a great disaster in future .


The view is the presentation layer, which is responsible for interacting with the user, like HTML ,JSP…


The model is the business logic and data, which may contain POJO , EJB and others



Controller is the application code that responds to user events and integrates the model and view usually implemented as Implemented as servlet.


One of the main benefit of MVC is that, it  allows separation for unit testing at each layer, and also lets

different parties work with the layers independently.


How ?


Suppose there is an error with the View layer , it doesn’t affect the Model layer and when there is also an error in the model part , it doesn’t affect the View Layer.



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