Expression Language ( EL ) in Java.

                                                 Why Expression Language ( EL ) in Java.

Expression language are use to access or retrieve the value  or property from the  Java Managed Bean.

Suppose you have a web page named  ( index.xhtml ) and probably want to access the username from your Java Class  ( ) i.e Your Managed Bean






Why EL in xhtml ( Isn’t that prone to Security attack } ?

The answer to that is :  NO

Is there any other way to use or obtain a value from my Java Class ( Managed Bean ) in my xhtml ?

Yes,  there are ( Depending on the framework you are using to build your app }.

What  is @RequestScoped and Why using it?

@RequestScoped is use when there is a single request in the HTTP

The app contain a single request .


Any other type ?

Session scope and Application scope


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