Pass through Element and Attribute.

Pass through Element and Attribute.


Pass through element or attributes are ways to use a Manage Java Bean in HTML 5 web page

Example : Suppose we have index.html content as below with Java Class and

<html lang=”en” xmlns:jsf=” ” xmlns:h=”” >

      <input type=”text” jsf:id=”name”  value =”${}” required=”true”>


<h2  h:outputLabel  value=”location”> I am from {$web.getLocation(location) } </h2>


Normally HTML 5 input tag has not jsf:id , with the jsf:id , we are inferring a specific attribute or actions from our Manage Java Bean

The purpose of this is to show how to use a component or  extract a data( properties )  from  Manage Java Bean


The first way is to Pass through Element , which has been indicated in the above example


Pass through element

Example 2

<html  lang=”en”

Xmlns:p=”  >


<input type=”text” p:id=””



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