Lessons from failure is a fundamental key to later success

In life ,the road to success is not straight , it’s embedded with challenges , frustration , and failure. Moving across the valley of success is easy for those who can learn from their mistakes and failure .

Holding a cup full of water and asking you for the total weight of the cup and water  will definitely be difficult for you to answer .

Challenges in life is like holding a cup with water . What do you think it will happen to me if I hold the cup for an hour , a day or a week ? The answer varies from swelling of hand , bone aching and paralysis of the whole body cell. Challenges or failure in life is like holding a cup with water regardless of the weight , if you hold the challenges and failure for hours, day or week , your heart , mind , memory and focus become useless and  you will definitely move in a different direction to success. The weight of the cup with water doesn’t matter , the more you hold it , the more you get far from success , the earlier you place the cup with water on a table , the faster you move to success.

Meaning : The more you think , weep and feel sad about your failure or challenges , the more you move away from success , the earlier you learn from your failure and challenges the earlier you move to success

The hearth is soft which is no doubt filled with remembrance into which the memory works with , the path to success is with you and also the path to failure is with you.

These are the seven key points you need in life to become successfully.

  1. Believe solely that success and failure is from GOD
  2. Define and focus on what exactly you want to achieve in life.
  3. Get a mentor , teacher or guidance ( Tell them your focus and start working towards it )
  4. Talk less, act more and learn from your mistakes
  5. Join a community that can help you achieve your focus and also allow you to make contribution.
  6. As you move forward , see yourself nothing meaningful but something useful , pay more attention in acquiring more skills and applied them daily to your life and people around you.
  7. Finally

When you are successful  , make sure you help others around you ( Start from your family , next house , city , state , country and the world )

Then I assure you : Success move towards you always and failure moves away from you  .


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