The Software Developer part I

The following take place between Software developer and  client…

Client : Hi, I want you to develop this software for me

Software Developer : Good day sir. Really appreciate you for giving me your project. Sir, what is the software all about ?

C :The software is meant to storm google, facebook and whatsapp only .
SD : Sir, do you mean you want a software that will super beat them all ?
C : Exactly
SD : How soon do you want to have it ?
C : Maximum of three weeks
SD : Okay. We will surely give you the best

🙂  Software developer silently laughing… See this dump client, do you think you will find me here if I can build only whatsapp  )
C : My budget on it is $1,000

SD : Sir, that is too small, I will also have to employ great engineers from google so they will help in building this great product , sir I will be glad if you can pay $10,000

C : $10 what ? What is always wrong with you software developer. I can also build them, if not for the hatred I have for Java, Javascript ,phyton and html with css… Please I can’t pay more than $1,500
SD : Sir, please add $500 to it , making $2000

🙂 Laughing silently, I will have to pay my new house rent, buy new food , new cloth and start my business

C : I will, please make sure it’s far better than google , facebook and whatsapp , I promise to give you $500 weekly if at least two of them is successful
SD : Sir, what if none is successful ?
C : That can never be possible , I will have to jail you first and collect my money back

SD : Please get someone else to execute this task :

Do you think I will have the skills to build  google search algorithm and I will be talking to you without paying for consultation fee…

Please don’t say anything  , else I will parse your memory will kohmeniVirus 🙂


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