Factors For Safety Algorithm [ Design Algorithm Factor ]

Algorithm design is an inexact art! Errors and uncertainties will definitely arise from uncertainties in the available design data and also in the appropriate necessity. In order to unsure that the designed algorithm specification is met , factors are included to give a margin of safety in the design, safety in the sense that the algorithm will not fail to give good and fast result performance satisfactory and will not cause hazard.
Algorithm design factor are seriously advise to use in a good software development to prevent uncertainties in the system properties , design, methods and fabrication and the operating lines
Normally a factor of around 4 on a software system or about 2.5 of 0.1% proff is used in software design which are the basic structure use in software process design to give tolerance in the software
Example : To extract the average monthly spending of randomly or specified user in a defined zone or country in a system software which usually increase by a factor of 10% discount in the shopping traffic.

Solution 1 : Factor will be set for maximum spending in-order to give contingency in the software process design.
Solution 2: All engineer or developer should agreed within the project organisation and clearly stated in the project documentation. If this is not done , there is definitely a great danger that each of the specialist engineers or developers will its own “Safety”, which will result in gross and unnecessary over-design.
Solution 3: Make sure the design is adequate and the need to design to tight margins to remain competitive among similar software system

N.O.T.E : The greater the uncertainty in the algo design methods and data , the bigger the design factor that must be user
I hope this make your day better as a developer or engineer.


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