A general strategy for solving algorithm problems.

What is the purpose of having a post that discusses how to solve different algorithm problems? The idea is to provide you with guidelines so that you can be efficient
and effective in solving algorithm problems, If you begin to apply the suggested
strategy at once. as you proceed through this post you will discover by the end that
you have become quite skilled at problem solving. If you get stuck in solving a prob-
lem or bungle it. you can rebound and recover by applying the proposed strategy. If
you are going to learn from your mistakes, let‘s find out what they are first

Looking Ahead

This post presents a comprehensive methodology that you can use to solve
algorithm problems. We are going to describe a strategy of analysis that will
help you understand, first, how similar algorithm problems are, and second,

Problem Solving
Most of the literature on problem solving view a “problem“ as a gap between
some initial information (the initial state) and the desired information (the final
state). Problem solving is the activity of closing the gap between these two states. If
you are going to become a professional, you will have to acquire a number of skills
in problem solving such as:
– formulating specific questions from vaguely specified problems;
– selecting effective problem—solving suategies;
– deciding when an estimate will suffice versus an exact answer;
– using tables, graphs, spreadsheets. calculators, and computers to organize,
solve, and interpret the results from solving problems;
‘ judging the validity of the work of others; and
‘ evaluating answers.
You will find as you go through the next post.


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