Problem solving habit of a novice developer

A novice:

  1. Starts solving a problem before fully understanding what is wanted and/or what a good route for solution will be.
  2. Focuses only on a known problem set that he or she has seen before and tries to match the problem with one in the set.
  3. Chooses one procedure without exploring alternatives,
  4. Emphasizes speed of solution, unaware of blunders.
  5. Does not follow an organized plan of attack: jumps about and mixes problem-solving strategies.
  6. Is unaware of missing data, concepts and laws.
  7. Exhibits bad judgment, makes unsound assumptions
  8. Gives up solving the problem because he or she does not have skills to branch away from a dead-end strategy.
  9. Unable to make approximations or makes bad ones,
  10. Cannot conceive of disagreeing
  11. Slavishly follows instructions; “by the book.”
  12. Does not know what to make of qualitative data.

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