Problem solving habit of an expert developer

  1. Reviews the entire plan. mentally explores alternative strategies, and clearly understands what result is to be obtained.
  2. Concentrates on similarities to and differences from known problems; uses generic principles rather than problem matching.
  3. Examines several procedures serially or in parallel.
  4. Emphasizes care and accuracy in the solution.
  5. Goes through the problem-solving process step by step. checking, reevaluating. and recycling from dead ends to another valid path.
  6. Knows what principles might be involved and where to get missing data.
  7. Carefully evaluates the necessary assumplions.
  8. Aware that a dead end may exist for a strategy and has planned alternative strategies if a dead end is reached.
  9. Makes appropriate approximations
  10. Disagrees with other experts.
  11. Breaks rules and makes exceptions.
  12. Able to deal with qualitative data.
  13. Good management of time‘

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