Who are the smoke testers for software ?

Smoke testers are responsible for taking the first testing on a software to reveal the failure, challenges and other issues before the first build. They run subset of test cases on the important functionality to ensure the software work as expected. Smoke tester use the smoke testing method( also known as confidence testing, build verification test “BVT”, intake test , build acceptance test … ). by running various testing on new build of a software to ensure it is testable before the build is released into the hands of the test team in-order to avoid wasting time installing and testing the applications.

Smoke testers are not the same with sanity tester. Sanity tester ensures that the developer has applied some rationality (sanity) ( Functionality, Bugs e.tc ) while developing the software .

For example ,summing a product cost $200 with $25 shipping price = $205 instead of $225, in this case there is no need to verify the sum of adding 4 products of $100, $50, $300 and $200 with shipping price $25 . However both focus on ways to avoid wasting time and effort by quickly determining whether an application is too flawed to merit any rigorous testing.

Real life example

Suppose you are buying pairs of shoes. Checking the looks , the comfort-ability by wearing it and walking a few distance means you are performing sanity testing , checking the robustness of the shoe by tighten and loosen, kicking hard and soft object… means you are performing smoke testing i.e you are checking “DOES IT SMOKE (GET BURNT – not literally but functionality wise)”

Software example :

Suppose in build 1 of an exam management software Features : Take exam, register for new exam, get result, student registration and login, registration validation, subject registration, , teacher management , parents management, view students performance, admin can import exam question into the software… The most important features are : Students registration and login, register for new exam, take exam,get result and admin can import exam question into the software Minor important features are : registration validation, teacher management , parents management, view students performance, dashboard…

As a smoke tester, your mission is to identify critical and most important features in the software 1. You have to launch the software, ensure if the students can register into the software and login , if students can’t register, they can’t new exam and also get result. The developer will have to work on the raised issues to avoid time wasting time on others features

The advantages are

1. Easy to perform testing

2. Defects will be identified in early stages.

3. Improves the quality of the system

4. Reduces the risk

5. Progress is easier to access.

6. Saves test effort and time

7. Easy to detect critical errors and correction of errors.

8. It runs quickly

9. Minimizes integration risks

Other software testing are

1. Does the program run as expected

2. Does the application handle extremely large input?

3. Does it handle boundary values properly? Try extremely large or small values; Infinity is a good one.

4. Does the form validate? Try submitting forms with no entry.

5. Does it validate mismatched value types? Try submitting strings where numbers are expected.

6. Does it has all web copy been proofread and spell-checked? Typos are bad for reputation.

7. Does it support Unicode? The Turkish i and German ß are two quick tests.

8. Does it support right-to-left languages? CssJanus is a great tool for flipping pages.

9. Does it have time zones and daylight saving time changes.

10.Does it have time formats: 12 and 24 hour clocks

11.Does it have date formats: mm/dd/yyy vs dd/mm/yyyy 12.Does it have Currencies in different locales and many more…

That is all. Hope you enjoy this article ?


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