My name is Amuda Adeolu Badmus, I work remotely for the Pureworks as Software operation manager  . My software odyssey, which started in 2011, spans several problems and multiple domains for

  1. Text editor Web app   Source Code | Demo
  2. MCQ Web app ( Question and Answer from docx file ) Source Code(1) and Source Code ( 2 ) | Demo
  3. Slave Bot messenger Source Code | Demo 1  | Demo 2
  4. Account number and Bank Card verification   Source | Demo
  5. Implementation of different Algorithms and Data Structures… ( Tri nary search , Heap Sort ,Maize… )   Source Code | Demo
  6. Office Management application for Oyo State Committee On Ethics ]   Source | Demo
  7. PGI ( Payment gateway integration for Olabas and Funmola shopping mall in South Africa with Nigeria First Bank and GT Bank ).

I am deeply passionate about software development, program analysis and optimizations , computer graphics and imaging , operating systems and systems programming ( You may read some of my published articles on DZone ) and I also spend a lot of my time on it (at and outside work). In addition, areas like data structures ,Design and Analysis of Algorithms , Computer Organization and Systems.

My favorite programming language is Java ;  I am familiar with  C++  ,  PostgreSQL, Javascript, SQL, python,  and php

I also love learning and having smoke and sanity testing a lot and have tested few numbers of app for industrial and academic purpose;


When I am not at work or spending time with my family; you’ll probably find me honing my programming skills, sleeping or reading a good book.

I am passionate about  human medicine and software testing .

I can converse in English, Arabic ( to a small extent ) , Yoruba and understand very minimal French (I have forgotten nearly all I learnt).

I am a Muslim and try my best to contribute to noble initiatives for human good.

Contact me

Feel free to drop me an email at badmusamuda@gmail.com


My posts on this blog are my own views and not my employer’s.

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